Enlighten Your Health Consult & Lab Review

Enlighten Your Health Consult & Lab Review 

  • Looking for some enlightenment when it comes to your health? 
  • ​Ever thought about about letting your DNA do the talking?
  • Let your body tell you what your nutritional deficiencies are? 
  • Let's sit down and visit about your challenges in this 90 minute consultation.


  • 90 Minute Consultation: Evaluate health challenges, symptoms and complete a full health assessment. In this session we will also set the goals you want to achieve.
  • 60 Minute Lab Review: Review lab findings and discuss strategies to help you implement the necessary changes you need to live the healthiest life moving forward.
  • Treatment Recommendations & Food Plan: Using your results, together, we will develop a plan that you feel you can commit to for optimal results.

Functional Medicine Labs Included:

  • DNA Health/Diet: Comprehensive analysis of 28 genes that help us understand your body's "programming" and know what food/exercise plan is right for you to achieve optimal wellness.
  • NutraEval +Vitamin D: Complete nutritional analysis to understand what possible nutritional deficiencies you have in real time plus a vitamin D level.
  • GI Effects: Stool analysis to examine the health of your microbiome and provides a breakdown of gut health to examine the following areas:
  • ​- Maldigestion (lack of pancreatic enzymes, reflux etc)
  • ​- Inflammation (inflammatory bowel disorder, food sensitivities)
  • ​- Dysbiosis (imbalance of gut bacteria)
  • ​- Metabolic Imbalance (need for pre-probiotic support)
  • ​- Infection (parasites, bacterial overgrowth, yeast)

Price - $1,597

Limited Time Only!
With Your Investment Receive 1 FREE Month of Nutrition and Accountability Coaching with Preston Witt

*financing available however additional service charges may apply

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