“You’re such a fatty! Your husband must really love you,” I sarcastically told myself. Well, the first part I was dead serious about. I had such a self-sabotaging, self-image back then. I was constantly engaged in negative inner dialogue and anxiety.

At this point in my life about 6 years ago, I had two kids (I now have four). I wasn’t taking care of myself. This is a common problem with nurses in general, I swear as you become a nurse practitioner it gets even worse. We aren’t very good at taking care of ourselves. I was depressed and anxious. This was the darkest time of my life…

I literally wanted to run away from my kids and husband. I had a one way ticket in my cart online and planned to stay with my friend in Los Angeles. Me, a proud Nebraskan contemplating running away to the concrete jungle of LA, escaping the real world. I was seriously considering it. I needed time for myself. My marriage was on the fritz.

Wine…..that was the only thing that made life bearable at the time. Fortunately, I realized I should probably get on some meds or something….I was a mess. My anxiety medication was the only thing preventing me from … well, I shudder to think what I may have done without it.

So how did I go from being an overworked, overweight, stressed-out, unfulfilled, unhealthy wreck to someone who fell in love with herself all over again and is now living her best life, helping others do the same? How did I stop calling myself fat? How did I break the habit of playing the same negative Nancy record that was stuck on repeat in my head? This anxiety was driving me wacko!

Check out the first episode of my podcast: Revamp … Body, Mind & Spirit to find out…

Here’s the backstory you’ll hear on the introductory podcast (if you don’t know what a podcast is, it’s basically like an online radio show)….

I have been a nurse since 2007. After doing trauma rounds and working the night shift in the ICU, I decided to apply for grad school to become a nurse practitioner. My goal was to take care of people at a higher level. But I realized that as I got into primary care and private practice, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I couldn’t’ really explain why but something was gnawing at my soul…

At the time, now with three kids, I was still saddled by crippling self doubt. I’d walk by a mirror with a strong urge to paint the glass on the mirror black. The only thing I tried to improve my lot in life was hopping onto the flavor of the month bandwagon; fad diets; gimmicky exercise routine, all of which I failed to stick with. I thought of myself as a joke. To my professional friends, I’m sure I seemed bipolar. I was trying to find my way because I was lost on the inside.

Although I wasn’t buried as deep in a dark, despairing hole as when I was considering abandoning my first two kids and husband, I was still unsatisfied. And I was still in the daily habit of negative self-dialogue: “You’re fat! Get yourself together.”

My only fulfillment was work. I couldn’t take care of myself, so instead of taking care of myself, I projected the caring onto my patients.

The First Step To Revamping My Body, Mind & Spirit: The Health Coaching Institute

So I researched life coaches online and found the Health Coaching Institute. The Institute was just what I was looking for and needed. The curriculum and core pillars of the course are in total alignment with what I wanted to be. Before I started the program, my mindset wasn’t right. My stressful life translated into poor food choices. The poor food choices led to a lack of energy which led to a lack of desire to exercise.

Carried through all aspects of life. The only fulfillment was work. I couldn’t take care of myself, so I projected the caring on others.

How did I stop calling myself fat? And how did I shatter the negative Nancy record that was stuck on repeat? With my anti-anxiety medication no longer being as effective, going through the health coaching course myself was the catalyst for my mental health transformation. After going through the course myself, I was no longer calling myself a loser and criticizing myself because my homelife and home wasn’t perfect. The course also taught me how to ask for help when I needed it. I no longer suffered from the need to always have everything perfect!

The Founding of Fundamental Wellness

Although the Health Coaching Institute program I graduated from tremendously helped me overcome damaging psychological patterns, it didn’t address the physical problems that I was seeing with many of my patients.

Thankfully, I was introduced to functional medicine, an entity that involves finding the root cause of problems rather than just slapping a Band Aid on a symptom. Functional medicine is a brand new approach to medicine that analyzes your unique you at the cellular level. Combining health coaching with functional medicine, which is what the Fundamental Wellness services are all about. It has led to dramatic health transformations.Fundamental Wellness analyzes your DNA, which provides a blueprint for the unique diet and exercise program that will benefit you the most. The reason popular diets fail is because they are a one-size-fits-all approach. But with the cutting-edge latest research, Fundamental Wellness provides you with a “Forever Plan.”

I’ll help you figure out exactly what your body needs. Through my Reclaim Your Life program, I’ll help you overcome emotional eating. You’ll figure out why, even though you may not be hungry, you can’t help but resist binge eating. Again, popular diets like the keto diet might not be ideal for you.

Seeking A Body, Mind & Spirit Revamp To Reduce Your Anxiety?

By helping people through the combination of health coaching and functional medicine, I have never felt more fulfilled in my life. It’s so gratifying helping people break out of survival mode and teaching them to actually love exercising and enjoy healthy food prep and meal creation.

Are you ready to put yourself first and reduce that nagging anxiety?

If you’re tired of feeling like you have no gas in your tank at the end of the day and the nasty vicious cycle that results from that, I will help you. You will learn what your body’s specific needs are.

Fundamental Wellness will create a plan specific to you, based on the latest research in functional/integrative medicine.
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