Congratulations on taking that crucial first baby step: setting an intention to start living your best life. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, there’s no better program to help you overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges than functional medicine.But what is functional medicine?

I created this video to help you understand this amazing, transformational program.In the video, you’ll learn:

How functional medicine is different from conventional medicine.How together, you and I will work together to prevent or even reverse chronic health concerns.

How your DNA will reveal nutritional deficiencies that are holding back your health goals.How simple diagnostic tests can help balance your hormones, repair your gut, lower inflammation, clear your skin, help you lose weight and more…How you will conquer emotional eating.

Plus, I’ll share with you my own test results that helped me overcome fatigue, bloating and more … and the health coaching training I received that helped me banish the negative feedback loop in my head once and for all.

You’ll also hear from two of my clients who are several weeks into my program, and the challenges and successes they’ve experienced.


Introduction To Functional Medicine

If you want to read more about what I cover in the video, here’s a summary of my background and what functional medicine is all about.

I am a wife and mother of four and, since 2012, I’ve been a board-certified nurse practitioner (in both adult and family medicine). As if that wasn’t enough on my plate, in 2018, I got certified as a health coach through the Health Coach Institute.

As part of the certification process, I had to go through the health coaching program myself. This is what shifted my thinking and banished defeating, negative thoughts. (Listen to my first podcast. You’ll be shocked at some of the things I used to say to myself.)Although the health coaching program was fantastic, something was missing from it. It wasn’t resolving the chronic health problems I was seeing in my patients. In the fall of 2019, I was introduced to the groundbreaking, missing piece of the puzzle I was looking for: functional medicine.

Integrative Medicine: A Happy Marriage

In a nutshell, functional medicine as I explain in the video, gets to the root cause of illness instead of just fixing symptoms with drugs, which is the approach of conventional medicine.

Another term you might hear that’s similar to functional medicine is integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is actually the therapeutic approach I take in my practice. You can think of integrative medicine as a happy marriage between functional and conventional medicine.

Integrative takes into account your whole being, including taking a look at your parents and what their lifestyle was like, which may have impacted your health even before you were born. But the integrative approach isn’t all New Agey foo-foo, chakra-clearing voodoo; all appropriate therapies are taken into account (even antibiotics) and based on evidence.

Not to bash on mainstream medicine, but one common complaint I hear is that some doctors don’t take the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances. As a result, most people have never had a health professional who cared enough or had the time to dig deep into your own circumstances. With the combination of integrative medicine and health coaching, I vow to understand where you’re coming from; what led you here in the first place, and the positive outcomes you’d like to achieve.

Exploring Root Causes of Your Health Concerns Through Functional Medicine

As I mentioned, functional medicine dives deep into exploring the root causes of physical and mental imbalances. I want to help you create an awareness and understanding around where your problems really began. Your food habits can very well have been set in motion when you were a child. It’s only when you see and understand that connection that healthy permanent changes manifest; no fad diet of the week program will achieve that!

Unlocking Your DNA To Reveal The Roadmap For Your Success

A key part of Fundamental Wellness NE (you don’t have to live in Nebraska to work together with me) is DNA analysis.

Many chronic health problems are caused by a nutritional deficiency. Simple genetic tests illuminate any deficiencies you may have. And even if you don’t have a chronic health issue now, it’s important to fix any deficiencies before a problem develops.

In my video, What Functional Medicine Can Do For You I share my own genetic test results. My tests revealed that high inflammation was an area of concern for me; I am genetically predisposed to it. Inflammation, if left unchecked, overtime can lead to obesity, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. I also found out through the DNA test that I’m lactose intolerant. No wonder I was having terrible stomach pain when I ate a large amount of dairy. The popular high-fat keto diet allows you to have lots of cheese. I shudder to think how I’d be feeling if I hopped on that bandwagon.

In the video, I present slides of a client who has a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol. Even if she exercises a lot and eats the cleanest low cholesterol diet, she may still have high cholesterol levels; she may need a statin drug. This is an example of how integrative functional medicine combines the latest cutting edge research (DNA testing) with every therapeutic option available.

Other client DNA slides reveal examples of deficiencies in vitamin B12 deficiency, omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial gut bacteria and more. I explain how these deficiencies profoundly impact health. Not just from a physical standpoint but also from an emotional and mental one.

Eat This Not That

Not only will a DNA test show what nutrients you’re not getting enough of, it also tells you the best type of diet you should eat. In the video, I show my DNA Diet results, which recommended a Mediterranean Diet. Since I’ve been following it, I feel so much better! If you’re frustrated because you’ve tried every diet only to lose your results quickly, I feel your pain. Finally, the DNA Diet serves as a blueprint (a menu, really) that will be for you, the end to diet madness!

Customized Exercise & Supplement Recommendations

High intensity interval training, cardio, walking, strength training … there’s just as many exercise variables as there is for nutrition. What may be good for one person when it comes to getting in shape might be counterproductive and detrimental to health for another person. That’s yet another advantage to working with me. Your DNA tests will highlight what the best type of exercise is for you.

You’ll also learn how much rest you should get and which specific nutrient supplements you need. How overwhelming is it to be in the supplement aisle at a supermarket, having no idea what to take out of the hundreds of choices? Imagine how great it would be to take the guesswork out of the equation

Based on lab testing, the nutrient recommendations you’ll receive can balance your neurotransmitters, those chemical messengers in the brain that when working properly, keep your mood and energy levels stable. If you have anxiety or depression, balancing neurotransmitters is a game changer!
It’s only when neurotransmitters and hormones are balanced an

d healthy gut bacteria is flourishing that your health goals can be achieved. There’s so much more to functional medicine. Watching the video will explain more in detail.

Achieve The Health Transformation You’ve Been Waiting For Through Functional Medicine

The first step towards your health and wellness transformation is having the desire to take charge of your health. Through health coaching that explores the root causes of emotional overeating and banishes negative thought patterns along with DNA testing and other lab tests, you and I will embark on a journey together that will have you living your best life very soon….

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Family Medicine/Functional Medicine

Certified Health Coach


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